1922 May 2022
My program
1922 May 2022
My program


We too

Emma Lundberg, Barbro Nilsson, Caroline Bjurman Holgersson framför Emma Lundbergs foto samt Maja Bjurman Holgersson framför Barbro Nilssons matta Röda rabatten på utställningen Oomph i Malmö 2016.

Oomph + Kin = We too

Caroline Bjurman Holgersson (Grafolin/My Kin) and Jenny von Platen (von Platen Modern Form) is together making an exhibition based on Barbro Nilsson's (1899–1983) art. Caroline Bjurman Holgersson shows textile prints inspired by Barbro Nilsson's patterns, colors and work process, and these are displayed in an interior with timeless and sustainable design, curated by Jenny von Platen.

Oomph: roughly means energy or sex appeal. It was also the title of an exhibition about The women who made Sweden colorful at Malmö Art Museum 2016 (including Barbro Nilsson's work). Jenny von Platen was on the exhibition team. It was also where Caroline and Jenny first met.

Kin: roughly means relative. Emma Lundberg was the mother of Barbro Nilsson. Caroline's grandfather was a cousin of Barbro Nilsson and both Emma Lundberg and Barbro Nilsson have been inspirers for Caroline. In 1997, during pregnancy with her first child, Caroline designed material for two exhibitions about Emma Lundberg.

We too: The courage shown by female artists and designers like Emma and Barbro is inspiring. It gives strength and joy over generations and calls on us to also dare to be brave in our professions. The closeness is in the relationship, but there is also a closeness in the understanding of what the working conditions have looked like for female designers at different times. And a willingness to continue the work of influencing so that it will continue to be easier for us in the time we live in now. Women and men should have the same chances and opportunities to practice their profession. We too.

Barbro Nilsson's design is timeless and the craftsmanship quality of her textile works is high. Sustainability become an obvious part of her art.