1922 May 2022
My program
1922 May 2022
My program

Get around

May 19–22, the doors to the creative southern Swedish design scene will open in various locations in Malmö.

Visit exciting, free activities around the city - such as exhibitions, design signage, outdoor installations, workshops, tours and open houses. Keep an eye out for our map which will be available later this spring!

Rent a bike

Rent a bike to move easily between all the activities in Malmö. The prices are deducted through our partner Travelshop.

2 days – 350 kr

3–4 days – 450 kr

Rent your bike

Via Malmö By Bike, you can rent bicycles via short-term subscriptions (24 or 72 hours) or annual subscription. You get an unlimited 1-hour ride and leave the bike easy at a bike station near your location.

24 hours: 80 kr

72 hours: 165 kr

 Book bike subscription 

Public transport

Buy your ticket for Skånetrafiken's buses and trains via their app or website. There you can, among other things, buy a 24-hour joint ticket, where you and your company can travel as much as you want during 24 hours in the city of Malmö.

Price examples:

2 adults pay SEK 40.50 per person

2 students pay SEK 30.50 per person

2 children / youth pay SEK 24.50 per person

 Book your ticket 


Physical activities at various locations in the city are open to visitors in different types of visits.

  • Drop-in 

    You do not need to book in advance – the number of visitors is adjusted depending on the venue.

  • Booked visits

    Book your visit in advance. Booking information is available on each program page.

  • Outdoors

    The event can be experienced outdoors, either through an outdoor installation or through a design signage in a window.