1922 May 2022
My program
1922 May 2022
My program
Nomad Stoft Studio + Kajsa Willner

Nomad Stoft Studio + Kajsa Willner

Pop-up shop on Main location

Form/Design Center opens a pop-up shop at Lokstallarna during Southern Sweden Design Days. The products will be presented in a mobile exhibition concept on wheels designed by Stoft studio and Kajsa Willner and can be purchased by visitors directly on site.

In the pop-up shop you can buy products from:

  • Adrienn Görgényi Andersdotter
  • Angela Gigliotti – bok – Listlab
  • Carlberg Design 
  • Christian Svensson – Andra Formen/2nd Shape
  • Ebba Lindgren
  • Eva Levin / Scruffy Little Love
  • Filip Rahim Hansson / Trulsa Holmqvist
  • Jenny Grettve
  • Jingbei Zheng
  • Jollygoodfellow
  • Karolina Brobeck
  • Leo Palmer
  • Louise Hederström
  • Love Granlund
  • Ludvig Hyrefelt
  • Mim Westberg-Johannesson
  • MY KIN / Caroline Bjurman Holgersson
  • Naemi Gustavsson Studio
  • NMASA Design
  • Oskar Olsson
  • Polymorf
  • Sebastian Orehovacki Månsson
  • Smart Form Sweden
  • SPOK
  • Stina Henriksson
  • Swedish Ninja
  • Åsa Wellander

When you shop in Form/Design Center's store, you support both local designers and our operations. All income from the store contributes to creating an open meeting place with exhibitions, program activities and development projects in architecture, design and crafts.