1922 May 2022
My program
1922 May 2022
My program


System Level & more


Simplistic form + Multi functionalism = System Level & more

SYSTEM LEVEL has been created with focus on form and function and it evolves over time. The system consists of LEVEL elements made of Swedish oak and concrete and by LEVEL accessories.

The proximity to different form expressions and functions is achieved by combinations of different elements, accessories and the users own objects, resulting in a long term value for the user and the society.

The creation of SYSTEM LEVEL and the other interior objects and furnitures have durable, local and natural materials in focus. Both the creation and the craftsmanship takes place in Höllviken and Vellinge, a creative environment in proximity to the nature and the sea.

The exhibition in the welcoming and inspiring environment in the atrium of STUDIO Malmö consists of interior objects, small furnitures and art objects that are created and handcrafted in close proximity to Malmö. 

Smart, functional and beautiful!

The exhibition is open between May 10:th and July 2:nd with an extra proximity focus during the SSDD 2022 days.

Welcome to Nordensköldsgatan 24!